Best Protein Bar

If you are serious about building muscle you need protein. In fact you need lots of protein and whilst lean protein from real meat is the best kind of protein you can have its not always available. Many people use protein shakes either before or after the gym but sometimes is just not practical to mix a shake and the protein bar is the next best thing and with many great bars are under a pound – why not?

Best Protein Bar

But whats the best Protein Bar? Well thats a simple enough question but to be honest the answer is a little more complicated….. The first thing to consider is “do you really need the bar in the first place?” Bare in mind that you need to consume about 1.5g of protein per lb of body weight so if you are eating a balanced diet plus one or two protein shakes a day you should really be getting protein anyway!. However its not all about protein of course its also about convenience, your carbohydrate requirement and your need to eat on the run.

Before we chat a bit more about the protein in the best protein bars lets just talk about the carbohydrate for a second.. Carbs in protein bars are basically sugars. We all know that too much sugar is bad for you and to be fair some of the bars I have tried are so sweet its amazing. Its pointless working out hard in the gym to get fit and then eating a sugar filled bar. you will be surprised to hear that some of the protein bars have more calories than a big mac!.. Now of course if you are looking to put on weight this might be great but the quality of the sugars in lots bars is completely rubbish and you wont end up putting on any actual muscle just fat. Make sure you choose a bar where its calorific content works for you. Try to keep it below 200 kcals if you are cutting and below 400 if you are bulking.

Other bars have other added “ingredients” in them too , like vitamins , BCCAs , Fruit (more sugar!) , minerals (often just salt) and other fancy stuff to make you buy them but often the amounts of the few “good” supplements are so small that they actually offer no real benefit. Stick your main focus on (a) how much protein and (b) how many calories and you wont go too far wrong.

best protein barNow some bars are really good of course and like most things it tends to be the dearer Protein Bars that are the best ones. Some taste better than others but its not really about taste is it? – Its about what it does for you and your muscles. In an ideal world you try to find a protein bar that does what you want, contains lots of quality protein, does not cost the earth and tastes real good.. However there are so many to choose from – where do you start?  Well here is our selection of the best eight bars your should start looking at based on quality , cost and taste. Feel free to click around and check out the low prices on offer. Most of the bigger Protein companies like Myprotein , The Bodybuilding Warehouse and Discount Supplements also sell them so you should be able to find a great deal somewhere.. Get a sample size if you are unsure and take it from there..

Best Protein Bar

Of course this is just a small selection of the protein bars we sell. If you want to see the full range click HERE to go to the right page.

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